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Anti-Cancer Capsules & Vials

We have in stock all types of Zydus Biogen Products including Endoxan N 200 Injection,  Endoxan N 500 Injection,  Endoxan N 1gm Injection,  Endoxan-Asta 50 Tablet,  Myelostat 500 capsule,  Fludara 10 Tablet,  Fludara 50 Injection,  Holoxan Uromitexan Injection 0.5gm,  Holoxan Uromitexan Injection 1gm,  Holoxan Uromitexan Injection 2gm,  Colstim G-CSF Vial,  Uromitexan Injection,  Femistra Tablet,  Mesoral 400 Tablet,  Mesoral 600 Tablet, Nudoxa Injection,  Vorier Tablet,  Vorier Injection,  Nublast 100 MG. Capsules